Jonathan Fraser

I am a lecturer in mathematics at the University of St Andrews. My research interests include: fractal geometry, geometric measure theory, ergodic theory, Fourier analysis, hyperbolic geometry, and connections with other areas of mathematics.

I am an Editor for Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (Section A), focusing on submissions concerning ergodic theory, dynamical systems, fractal geometry, and geometric measure theory. If you wish to submit a paper here, please follow the instructions on the journal webpage. I am also an Editor for the Newsletter of the London Mathematical Society. If you have a good idea for a contribution, please get in touch!



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My research is currently supported by a Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship (RF-2016-500) and an EPSRC Standard Grant (EP/R015104/1). The Leverhulme project is entitled Fractal Geometry and Dimension Theory and will run until July 2018 and the EPSRC project is entitled Fourier Analytic Techniques in Geometry and Analysis and will run until March 2021.

Before moving to St Andrews in August 2016, I was a lecturer at the University of Manchester and, before that, an EPSRC funded Research Fellow at the University of Warwick working with Mark Pollicott. I completed my PhD in June 2013 at the University of St Andrews, where I was supervised by Kenneth Falconer and Lars Olsen.

Contact details:

    School of Mathematics and Statistics
    The University of St Andrews
    St Andrews
    KY16 9SS

    Room: 327
    Internal extension: 3754
    External phone: +44 (0)1334 463754
    e-mail: jmf32 at st dash andrews dot

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