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List of Staff and Postgraduates

Below is a list of Academic staff, Research staff,
Honorary Research staff, Postgraduate students, Visitors, Secretaries/Administrators, Scientific Officers and Others.

Click on a link in the NAME column to go to that person's home page which contains contact details.

The telephone numbers given below are extension numbers.
To phone from the UK, dial: 01334 46 + ext
from outside the UK: (+44) 1334 46 + ext.

The FAX number for the School is 01334 46 3748

Room numbers followed by (OB) are in the Observatory, those with (CS) are in the Computer Science building; the rest are in the Mathematical Institute.

An Alphabetical List and a page containing all the photographs are also available.

Prof N Ruškuc 2053787
Applied Maths
Carr, Dr Magda319 3715 
De Moortel, Prof Ineke311 3757 
Dritschel, Prof David G302 3721 
Haynes, Dr Andrew L321 3700 
Hood, Prof Alan W305 3710 
Mackay, Dr Duncan H324 3760 
Naughton, Dr Aidan P208 3712 
Neukirch, Prof Thomas303 3713 
Parnell, Prof Clare E309 3706 
Reinaud, Dr Jean N318 3742 
Scott, Dr Richard206 3682 
Tran, Dr Chuong V306 3741 
Wright, Dr Andrew N212 3736 
Pure Maths
Bleak, Dr Collin209 3765 
Cameron, Prof Peter J317 3769 
Falconer, Prof Kenneth J304 3733 
Huczynska, Dr Sophie312 3711 
Mitchell, Dr James D308 3722 
Olsen, Prof Lars203 3437 
Quick, Dr Martyn R326 3752 
Roney-Dougal, Dr Colva M329 3806 
Ruškuc, Prof Nik205 3787 
Todd, Dr Mike320 3701 
Bailey, Prof Rosemary A317 3769 
Borchers, Dr David L100(Ob) 1843 
Buckland, Prof Steve T201(Ob) 1841 
Donovan, Dr Carl R113(Ob) 1802 
Goudie, Dr Ian B J316 3705 
Illian, Dr Janine B114(Ob) 1803 
King, Dr Ruth128(Ob) 1820 
Langrock, Dr Roland202(Ob) 1829 
MacKenzie, Dr Monique L131(Ob) 1836 
Overstall, Dr Antony106(Ob) 1806 
Papathomas, Dr Michail112(Ob) 1818 
Popov, Dr Valentin111(Ob) 1807 
Thomas, Dr Len130(Ob) 1801 
Applied Maths
Archontis, Dr Vasilis313 1648 
Bareford, Dr Michael307 3717 
Blackbourn, Dr Luke301 3723 
Gunar, Dr Stan310 3740 
King, Dr Stuart301 3723 
Meyer, Dr Karen A307 3717 
Pagano, Dr Paolo323 1647 
Threlfall, Dr James W323 1647 
Wilson, Dr Fiona323 1647 
Pure Maths
Brough, Dr Tara119 1646 
Burdges, Dr Jeff119 1646 
Kempton, Dr Tom218 3745 
Parker, Mr Richard  
Pfeiffer, Dr MarkusJC1.02(CS) 1633 
Burt, Dr M Louise107(Ob) 1805 
DeRuiter, Dr Stacy208(Ob) 1814 
Harris, Dr Danielle209(Ob) 1826 
Harrison, Dr Phil  
Marques, Dr Tiago A  
Marshall, Dr Laura203(Ob) 1824 
Miller, Dr David  
Oedekoven, Dr Cornelia209(Ob) 1826 
Paxton, Dr Charles G M101(Ob) 1811 
Rexstad, Dr Eric103(Ob) 1833 
Sadykova, Dr Dina208(Ob) 1814 
Schick, Dr Rob202(Ob) 1829 
Scott-Hayward, Dr Lindesay203(Ob) 1824 
Yuan, Dr Yuan209(Ob) 1826 
Applied Maths
Bingham, Prof Bob  
Cairns, Prof R Alan214 3707 
Campbell, Prof W Robert123 3686 
Cargill, Prof Peter122 3684 
Craik, Prof Alex D D122 3684 
Grundy, Dr Robert E120 3683 
Harrison, Prof Richard (RAL)  
Lang, Dr Jim122 3684 
McCabe, Dr John H117 3702 
Milne, Prof Alex M  
Phillips, Dr George M120 3683 
Priest, Prof Eric R322 3709 
Roberts, Prof Bernard227 3716 
Pure Maths
Amson, Dr John C  
Blyth, Prof Tom S122 3684 
Campbell, Dr Colin M121 3739 
Falconer, Dr Isobel120 3743 
O'Connor, Dr John J120 3746 
Robertson, Prof Edmund F117 3702 
Cormack, Prof Richard M  
Elston, Prof David  
Hedley, Dr Sharon  
Jupp, Prof Peter E101 3704 
Kemp, Dr Freda207 3718 
Kemp, Prof C David207 3718 
Applied Maths
Allanson, Mr Oliver222 3726 
Elsden, Mr Tom224 3728 
Eradat Oskoui, Miss Solmaz225 3729 
Evans, Ms Cristina222 3726 
Gibb, Mr Gordon224 3728 
Hodgson, Mr Jonathan223 3727 
Kiddie, Mr Greg225 3729 
Lee, Mr Eon Jui224 3728 
O'Hara, Ms Jenny223 3727 
Platten, Miss Sarah225 3729 
Stevenson, Mrs Julie225 3729 
Sturrock, Ms Zoe222 3726 
Tam, Mr Kuan Vai223 3727 
Pure Maths
Awang, Miss Jennifer S332 3227 
Baynes, Mr Samuel332 3227 
Bennett, Mr Daniel226 3732 
Bieniecka, Miss Ewa332 3227 
Bourne, Mr Thomas331 3228 
Carey, Miss Rachael226 3731 
Donoven, Mr Casey118 3720 
Efthymiadis, Mr Alexandros331 3228 
Eminger, Miss Stefanie U106 3764 
Farkas, Mr Abel103 3767 
Hoffmann, Miss RuthJC0.09(CS) 2824 
Hyde, Mr James T103 3767 
Jonusas, Mr Julius226 3731 
Lewis, Mrs Elizabeth F106 3764 
McLeman, Mr Alexander L A226 3732 
Mijovic, Mr Vuksan118 3720 
Schaefer, Mr Artur210 3438 
Schroeder, Ms Anna K332 3227 
Troscheit, Mr Sascha103 3767 
Distiller, Mr Greg203(Ob) 1824 
Erichson, Mr Ben115(Ob) 1844 
Gonzalez, Ms Rocio210(Ob) 1828 
Jones-Todd, Ms Charlotte210(Ob) 1828 
Kidney, Mr Darren115(Ob) 1844 
Millar, Mr Colin  
Sharifi Far, Ms Serveh203(Ob) 1824 
Stevenson, Mr Ben115(Ob) 1844 
Swallow, Mr Ben210(Ob) 1828 
Worthington, Miss Hannah210(Ob) 1828 
Hare, Prof Kathryn E218 3745 
MacFarlane, Mrs Fiona204 3708 
Miguel, Dr Angela330 3813 
Rodger, Mrs Rhona M104(Ob) 1842 
Stalker, Mrs Niki J204 2344 
Sturrock, Mrs Valerie K202 3744 
Tiftickjian, Mr Andrew112(Ob) 1831 
Watson, Ms Tricia A202 3747 
Brooks, Dr Steve J211 3735 
Fruchtl, Dr Herbert221 3750 
Heggie, Dr Tricia M216 3755 
LeFeuvre, Mr T Phil129(Ob) 1845 
Lindsay, Mr Peter215 3756 
McDermott, Dr John J330 3813 
CIRCA Common Area  3714 
CREEM FAX  1800 
FAX  3748 
ITS Helpdesk  3333 
Janitor  3136 
Library  3231 
Microlab  3230 
Staff Room  3758 
SunLab  3734 

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