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People, Places, Practices

Joint BSHM - CSHPM/SCHPM Conference

Online, coordinated through the University of St Andrews, Scotland

12-15 July 2021

News: New dates for Mathematical Cultures and Practices 10-12 July, online. The main BSHM-CSHPM meeting was on 12-15 July 2021.

Satellite Conference

The Eleventh Conference on Mathematical Cultures and Practices (MC&P-XI) will run online on 10-12 July, immediately before our meeting. Participants of the MC&P gatherings are interested in developing a view of mathematics on the basis of empirical observations of the practices of mathematicians, taking into account the fact that cultures and practices of mathematics vary over time, space, and research community. All participants of BSHM-CSHPM/SCHPM will be very welcome to attend MC&P-XI. The two events will share some sessions.

Mathematical Cultures and Practices Programme

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